by Uzi Kids

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Recorded by Bob Quirk in Richmond VA
Mastered by Austin Haines


released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Uzi Kids Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Shallow Abuse
here's your fix
get it in
suck it the fuck up in your skin
hate your kind
love i will not find
i pray for needles to take your life

i bet it feels great
well i hope its too fucking late
regret was your ball and chain

stupid decision made
by a weak fucking life
now its too fucking late
coroners tucked you goodnight

you call it a disease
i call it an excuse
for covering up your shallow abuse

its your turn
you fucking cripples!
Track Name: Snitching Under Distress
whacked with a baseball bat
on the internet talking smack
heroin addicted losers
can get cracked

all your self promos gotta go
wack ass style will always show
dickriding for sport, fake ass rep
i honestly hope you overdose

your idol's a snitch
and has no pride
said they got off easy
but they straight lied
while you're poppin pills, im coppin fills
your graffiti lifestyle will never be real

you ruined what is ours
something we once knew
now there's nothing left
fuck you and your crew

hide behind the law, hide behind your boys
boys who don't ride
straight fucking toys
Track Name: Caffiend
no excuse your edge is fucking weak

cherry pepsi
cherry coke
another wussy who can't cope
drink ten bottles everyday
might as well start sniffing coke
gulping trendy baja blast
shit is wack- kiss my ass
coffee pumping in your veins
an addiction that you can't explain

worse than beer
worse than pills
caffeine is what kills
Track Name: Alcoholic Genocide
sick of the drinking race
get your zombie ass out of our face
prohibition had to quit
we got a new plan so check out this shit...

hide your stupid beers
cause you know we're near
strapped with the telescope
laugh as your head explodes
hatred for you I can't explain
every bar in fucking flames
ten-million homicides
alcoholic genocide

the last thing that you'll see is the barrel of a gun
i see you getting drunk and you swear that it's fun
you can take those booze to your grave
your pathetic existence is getting erased
straight edge!

alcoholic genocide
Track Name: Jocks
another night on the town
lost flip flops will be found
might as well be zombies
might as well be junkies
brainless gorillas, soon to be flunkies

tell your parents you're soon to be a college grad
but you're a jock loser just like your fucking dad
use some lame ass line to pull every chick
all that testosterone with no fucking dick

shove that football up your fucking ass my man
Track Name: Officer Prick
torch it all with gasoline
burn all my rights
watch your car explode
with your dog inside

think you can push us
and win the fight
we'll paint on all your shit
and get away every time
badged fucking loser
gotta blow your load
check out this grenade
watch your car explode

no more law only crime
kick your balls in
we win this time
Track Name: F.O.D.
watch out what you say
watch out what you do
you drink and its okay?
fuck that and fuck you

slam another beer
take another drag
won't live another year
zipped in a body-bag

disappointing friends would rather just get high
no need for amends
fuck off and die